Clean out & Cash in

As long as your tags were created using the myConsignmentManager (or myCM) program, you do not have to retag!  All you need to do is transfer your online inventory to our sale.  Instructions on how to do this are found here.  Fast and easy!

Can I volunteer even if I don't have items to consign?

What items do you accept?

We recommend using the Consignment Mommies Pricing Guide for pricing your items.  This comprehensive chart is very helpful and simple to use.

Consigning is very easy and can be very profitable.  Just click to our "Prepare your Items" page.  These are simple instructions proven sale-after-sale to work!

We sure do and happy to keep you up to date on what we are doing!  Click here to register.  Don't forget to like our Facebook Page!

A full list of items we accept and don't accept can be found here.

I need help pricing my items.

How do I consign?  Is it worth it?


I'M coming from another sale.  Do I have to retag my items?

Clean Closet Consignment Sale - Richmond

Absolutely!  First shop and a chance to win a gift certificate to shop with are just some of the perks we like to offer our volunteer.  To register and choose the time slots you want to work, click here.

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