Clean out & Cash in

  • $10 Consignor Fee (waived when you refer a NEW Consignor)
  • Earn 60% up to 90% on all sold items
  • Earn 10% more for every shift you volunteer (2 to 3 hours)

How the pros do it...easy & fast!

1. WASH your items.  Give toys and shoes a good once over with cleaning wipes.

2. HANG your clothing items with hangers (all should be in one direction as shown below)

3. SECURE shoes together (zipties, string, ziploc bags, shoe boxes)

4. SECURE toy accessories (ziploc bags are best)

5. LOGIN to myConsignmentManger and enter your items.


  • Enter like items using the “Power Tagger Option” to create multiples of tags with the same prices.  The system will assign 3 different item numbers but you will only have to enter it once.  DO NOT copy tags as each item has it's own code.
  • Chose "blank" for items with no size or no category.
  • We recommend using the Consignment Mommies Pricing Guide for pricing your items.  This comprehensive chart is very helpful and simple to use.
  • Generate tags AFTER you have entered all your items.
  • Note: No item entry can be done on the day before drop-off as the system is preparing for the sale.

6. PRINT your tags on white cardstock using "draft" or "normal" print settings.  Please do not use colored and/or regular printing paper nor use "high quality" print settings.  Our scanners cannot work with these. 

  • ​Tag your clothing in locations shown above with a high quality safety pin (we sell 2 sizes in bulk email us) or by tagging gun in a seam or tag.
  • Bagged items or toys can be affixed with packing tape. Please only at top and sides we need to be able to remove the bar code.
  • Books should be affixed with masking or painters tape. Please only at top and sides we need to be able to remove the bar code.

7. DROP-OFF your items at the sale on drop-off day.  Clothes need to by sorted by size/gender.

  • Please bring the following:
  1. Print out of your inventory.
  2. Self-addressed stamped envelope with your consignor number in the lower left corner.
  3. Plastic tub or large sturdy box with your consignor number on it.

Clean Closet LLC cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost items


Prepare your Items

Clean Closet Consignment Sale - Richmond